Dear reader, welcome

Dear reader,

This is a birth of an idea.

A few weeks ago, I had informed you that my website designer and I were busy developing this virtual space.

And finally, here we are with ayes & nays.

Why the name ayes & nays? I thought that the name aptly captures the institution of parliament.  In light moments, you would hear someone ask, ” As many as are of that opinion say aye?” perhaps confirming the notoriety of the phrase. I would have as well come up with such a name as “of vellum and mace” or “legislature” or “parliament”. But I dissuaded myself by reasoning that the name of this blog had to be memorable and simple enough.

Here you will find my thoughts strewn. Sometimes you will encounter beam of questions lighting dark crevices of our daily dealings with parliament. You will regularly accompany me to bookshops and find out the kinds of books about parliament and legislative drafting that should find themselves to your bookshelf. You will have an interactive platform where you will be able to share your thoughts on various subjects on parliament and legislative drafting.

One final thing: watch out for your voice box. You can shout aye or nay as loud as you can but don’t ruin your larynx.

The time being 23.14 p.m., this House, err blog, stands adjourned until the next post.

You can listen to the audio recording of this message here:

Yours truly,

ayes & nays


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