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In this post, I list the Committees of the National Assembly of Kenya. You will note that broadly speaking, they are divided into three: Departmental Committees, Select Committees and Housekeeping Committees. They are various classifications, for instance, the Public Investments Committee, the Public Accounts Committee, the Special Funds Committee and the Budget and Appropriations Committees have been classified on Parliament of Kenya website as financial audit and money-related committees. This is fine. Similarly, I have also seen a different classification as public audit committees. But broadly, they are select committees. You will also note that the House keeping Committees are not comprehensive. What is the mood of the House? Do we proceed?

a. Departmental Committees (Kamati za Kudumu za Bunge za Kisekta)

  1. Administration & National Security- Kamati ya Utawala na Usalama wa Kitaifa

Chairperson- Hon. Koinange, Paul

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Koyi, John Waluke

  1. Agriculture & Livestock- Kamati ya Kilimo na Mifugo

Chairperson- Hon. Ali, Adan Haji

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Wangwe, Emmanuel

  1. Communication, Information & Innovation- Kamati ya Mawasiliano, Habari na Uvumbuzi

Chairperson- Hon. Kisang, William Kipkemoi

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Gk, George Macharia Kariuki

  1. Defence and Foreign Relations- Kamati ya Ulinzi na Mambo ya Nje

Chairperson- Hon. Ole Metito, Katoo Judah

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Tongi, Richard Nyagaka

  1. Education and Research- Kamati ya Elimu na Utafiti

Chairperson- Hon. Kibiwot, Julius Melly

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Kimunya, Amos Muhinga

  1. Energy- Kamati ya Nishati

Chairperson- Hon. Gikaria, David

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Pukose, Dr Robert

  1. Environment and Natural Resources- Kamati ya Mazingira na Maliasili

Chairperson- Hon. Mbiuki, Japhet Miriti Kareke

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Noor, Sophia Abdi

  1. Finance and National Planning- Kamati ya Fedha na Mipango ya Kitaifa

Chairperson- Hon. Limo, Kirui Joseph

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Ndirangu, Isaac Waihenya

  1. Health- Kamati ya Afya

Chairperson- Hon. Chege, Maitu Sabina Wanjiru

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Mishra, Swarup Ranjan

  1. Justice and Legal Affairs Committee- Kamati ya Haki na Masuala ya Sheria

Chairperson- Hon. Kipkiror, William Cheptumo

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Wahome, Alice Muthoni

  1. Labour and Social Welfare- Kamati ya Kazi na Ustawi wa Jamii

Chairperson- Hon. Wario, Ali

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Chepkoech, Joyce Korir

  1. Lands- Kamati ya Ardhi

Chairperson- Hon. Nyamai, Rachael Kaki

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Mwashetani, Khatib Abdallah

  1. Sports, Culture and Tourism- Kamati ya Michezo, Utamaduni na Utalii

Chairperson- Hon. Munyaka, Victor Kioko

Vice ChairpersonHon. Ole Lemein, Korei

  1. Trade, Industry and Cooperatives- Kamati ya Biashara, Viwanda na Ushirika

Chairperson- Hon. Kega, Mathenge James Kanini

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Serem, Cornelly

  1. Transport, Public Works & Housing- Kamati ya Usafiri, kazi za umma na Nyumba

Chairperson- Hon. Pkosing, David Losiakou

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Kuria, Moses Kiarie

  b.Select Committees (Kamati teule)

(i) Public audit Committees

  1. Public Accounts Committee

Chairperson- Hon. Wandayi, James Opiyo

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Mbalu, Jessica Nduku Kiko

  1. Public Investments Committee- Kamati ya Uwekezaji wa Umma

Chairperson- Hon. Nassir, Abdullswamad Sheriff

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Ibrahim, Ahmed Abdisalan

  1. Special Funds Account Committee

Chairperson- Hon. Murungi, Kathuri

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Chepkut, William Kamuren Chirchir 

  1. Budget and Appropriations Committee- Kamati ya Bajeti na Makadirio

Chairperson- Hon. Ichung’wah, Anthony Kimani

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Lessonet, Moses K.

    (ii) Other Select Committees

  1. Committee on Implementation- Kamati ya Utekelezaji

Chairperson- Hon. Ole Kenta, Richard Moitalel

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Osotsi, Godfrey

  1. Delegated Legislation

Chairperson- Hon. Shollei, Gladys Jepkosgei-Boss

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Ali, Fatuma Gedi

  1. Regional Integration- Kamati ya Ushirikiano wa Kikanda

Chairperson- Hon. Lesuuda, Josephine Naisula

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Obo, Ruweida Mohamed

  1. National Government Constituency Development Fund Committee- Kamati ya Maendeleo ya Maeneo Bunge

Chairperson- Hon. Maoka, Richard Maore

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Hassan, Omar Mohamed Maalim

  1. Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee- Kamati ya Usimamizi wa Utekelezaji wa Katiba

Chairperson- Hon. Kioni, Jeremiah Ng’ayu

Vice Chairperson- Hon. Chesebe, Fred Kapondi

c. House keeping Committees

25. Committee of Powers and Privileges

26. House Business Committee

27. Members’ Services and Facilities Committee

28. Procedure and House Rules Committee

29. Liaison Committee

30. Committee on Selection

d. Joint Committees

Initially, there were two Joint Committees: the Joint Committee on National Cohesion and Equal Opportunity and the Joint Parliamentary Broadcasting and Library Committee. However,  there were amendments to the Standing Orders in December 2017 whose effects were as follows:

i. These two Joint Committees ceased to be; thus, we have Committee on National Cohesion and Equal Opportunity established under Standing Order 212C and Committee on Parliamentary Broadcasting and Library established under Standing Order 212D.

ii. Joint Committees may be established by both Houses.

For a comprehensive elaboration on the mandates of these committees, you may read the National Assembly’s Factsheet on Committee System.

Post edit:

This post was edited on 23rd September 2018. First, we sincerely apologize for the earlier erroneous information that there still existed two Joint Committees, that is, the Joint Committee on National Cohesion and Equal Opportunity and the Joint Parliamentary Broadcasting and Library Committee. There were amendments to the Standing Orders in December 2017 to have each House have its own of those two Committees and for both Houses to establish Joint Committees.

We have also replaced the earlier audio recording with a new one to reflect these changes. We regret any inconveniences this has caused.

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