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Departmental Committee- Kamati ya Kiidara Committee on Administration and National Security- Kamati ya Utawala na Usalama wa Taifa Committee on Agriculture and Livestock- Kamati ya Kilimo na Mifugo Committee on Communication, Information and Innovation- Kamati ya Mawasiliano, Habari na Uvumbuzi Committee on Defence and Foreign Relations- Kamati ya Ulinzi na

Legislative Proposal Digest: The Proposed Capital Markets (Amendment) Bill, 2023 by Hon. Abraham Kirwa

Introduction Digital currencies including cryptocurrencies will soon be regulated. These proposals are contained in a legislative proposal by Hon. Abraham Kirwa, Member of Parliament for Mosop Constituency. The proposed Capital Markets (Amendment) Bill, 2023 seeks to amend the Capital Markets Act, Cap. 485A to include a digital currency within the

Bill Digest: The County Governments (Revenue Raising Process) Bill, 2023

About the Bill The County Governments (Revenue Raising Process) Bill, 2023 (National Assembly Bills No. 11 of 2023) is a National Assembly Bill sponsored by the National Assembly Leader of Majority Party. It was published on 24th March, 2023 and it was read for a first time on 4th May,

Legislative Proposal Digest: The Proposed Public Audit (Amendment) Bill by Hon. John Waluke

Hon. John Waluke Koyi, Member of Parliament for Sirisia Constituency, has sponsored a legislative proposal- The Proposed Public Audit (Amendment) Bill, 2023– which is under consideration by Kenya National Assembly’s Departmental Committee on Finance and National Planning. The legislative proposal seeks to amend the Public Audit, 2015 to provide for

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Order Paper- Ratiba ya Shughuli Quorum- Akidi Message- Ujumbe Statement Hour- Saa ya Kauli  Motion- Hoja Notice of Motion- Arifa ya Hoja  Special Motion- Hoja Maalum Division- Kura ya Mgawanyiko  Electronic voting- Kura ya kielektroniki Roll call voting- Kura ya kuita majina _ ayes & nays

Finance Act 2023

Highlights of the Finance Act, 2023

  Introduction The Finance Act, 2023, was assented to by the President on 26th June, 2023. The Act contains 102 sections. The Finance Bill, as it was then, was passed by the National Assembly on 21st June,2023. Highlights of the Act The Act proposes amendments to the following tax laws

(VIDEO) Sen. Amason Kingi Acceptance Speech on Election as Speaker of the 4th Senate

Sen. Amason Kingi was elected as Speaker of the Senate yesterday, 8th September, 2022. He was elected as the Speaker of the 4th Senate of the 13th Parliament of the Republic of Kenya. Below is his acceptance speech. We congratulate him on his election.

Book Review: Order! Order! A Parliamentary Miscellany by Robert Rogers

Reading this book gives you that sense: a weird fact of the House of Commons here, a beautiful quote there, an odd statistic here. It makes for a beautiful read of the House of Commons’ and House of Lords’ “unconnected odds and ends”— as the author describes it.   Robert

Bill Digest: The National Health Insurance Fund (Amendment) Bill, 2021

About the Bill The National Health Insurance Fund (Amendment) Bill, 2021 (National Assembly Bill No. 21 of 2021) is a National Assembly Bill that is currently before the Senate.  It is sponsored by the Leader of Majority Party of the National Assembly. The Bill was published on 11th May, 2021