These are decided Kenyan cases on the Parliament of Kenya.
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IN THE MATTER OF THE PRINCIPLE OF GENDER REPRESENTATION IN THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY AND THE SENATE [2012]EKLRDecidedConstitutional Law Advisory opinion of the Supreme Court in the matter of the Principle of Gender Representation in the National Assembly and the SenateThe expression progressive realization is neither a stand-alone nor a technical phrase. It simply refers to the gradual or phased-out attainment of a goal, a human rights goal which by its very nature, cannot be achieved on its own, unless first, a certain set of supportive measures are taken by the State. The exact shape of such measures will vary, depending on the nature of the right in question, as well as the prevailing social, economic, cultural and political environment. Such supportive measures may involve legislative, policy or programme initiatives including affirmative action.Link