Legislative Responses to COVID-19: Parliament of Ghana

  In response to COVID-19, the Parliament of Ghana enacted the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) National Trust Fund Act, 2020 on Thursday, April 2, 2020. It was assented to by  President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on April 3, 2020. According to the sponsor of the legislation: The object of the Bill

Mswada wa Kudhibiti Michango

Kuna Mswada katika Bunge la Taifa utakaodhibiti suala hili la michango au harambee. Jina la Mswada ni Public Fundraising Appeals Bill. Kuna vifungu kadhaa ambavyo nitavitaja upesi upesi: 1. Ikiwa utataka kuendesha harambee ambayo inahusisha umma, basi utafaa kupata leseni au kibali kutoka kwa Mamlaka ya Polisi katika Kaunti (County

An Overview of the Punguza Mizigo Bill Seeking to Amend the Constitution

Photo credit: Wilberforce Okwiri/Standard Introduction This blog post is on Kenya’s ongoing attempt to amend the Constitution through the popular initiative. This post is structured in two parts: the first part, dealing with the procedure laid out in the Constitution; and the second part, providing an overview of the Punguza

Legislative drafting contrast between Louisiana and Kenya

LOUISIANA LEGISLATURE/NRA-ILA I have been in New Orleans, Louisiana, this past week in a two-week course on legislative drafting organized by the Public Law Centre of the  Tulane Law School. This first week has been exciting. We have had brilliant presentations on the US and Parliamentary  Systems, Legislative and Administrative Drafting,

Audio- Utunzi wa Sheria Bungeni

Image credit: Erasmus Student Network Oulu   This blog is built on the promise that all our readers should be able to access its content. Towards this, as you might have realized, we have ensured that almost all of the blog-posts have audio recordings below them. This is to make

Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bills- “Minor amendments”, you say?

Introduction Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill (or omnibus bills as referred to in other jurisdictions) is a type of a Bill that contains amendments to  several Acts of Parliament. Traditionally, these amendments originate from the Executive through the Office of the Attorney General. They ordinarily contain minor amendments to various Acts of

The Law Making Process in Kenya in Plain English

Then when they have done this, they have another stage where they say, we move that the Ball Bill be read a Third Time. Funny, right? And then friends who love Tom would say, we love you Tom, we love your ball while Tom’s enemies would say, Tom, your ball