The House launches key documents and live broadcast of committee proceedings

The National Assembly of Kenya has launched the Committee Chairpersons’ Manual, the Annual Performance Reports of the Committees of the National Assembly, the Swahili Version of the Standing Orders of the National Assembly, and live broadcast of committee proceedings. The event dubbed the Parliamentary Forum for Committees of the National

The Sub Judice Rule in Parliamentary Context

    Sub judice rule defined The term sub judice is derived from the Latin phrase adhuc sub judice li est, which means “the matter is still under consideration”. Black’s Law Dictionary further defines the term as “before the Court or Judge for determination”. However, in the context of Parliament,

Audio- Utunzi wa Sheria Bungeni

Image credit: Erasmus Student Network Oulu   This blog is built on the promise that all our readers should be able to access its content. Towards this, as you might have realized, we have ensured that almost all of the blog-posts have audio recordings below them. This is to make

Audio- Chapter eight of the Constitution of Kenya (Legislature)

Image credit: Kenya Law   This is an audio recording of Chapter Eight of the Constitution of Kenya on the legislature. The text of the Constitution is freely available on the Kenya Law website. This chapter has six parts. Part 1 is on the establishment and role of Parliament. Part

How much do you know about National Assembly’s Committees?

Image credit: Psoda   Introduction In this post, I list the Committees of the National Assembly of Kenya. You will note that broadly speaking, they are divided into three: Departmental Committees, Select Committees and Housekeeping Committees. They are various classifications, for instance, the Public Investments Committee, the Public Accounts Committee,

Prayers in Standing Orders: A Few Thoughts

MY FASCINATION with prayers in Standing Orders was piqued as I was re-reading the prayers that are in the Standing Orders of both the National Assembly and the Senate. I noticed some slight differences in the prayers of both House. I will point them out shortly. I then asked myself

Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bills- “Minor amendments”, you say?

Introduction Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill (or omnibus bills as referred to in other jurisdictions) is a type of a Bill that contains amendments to  several Acts of Parliament. Traditionally, these amendments originate from the Executive through the Office of the Attorney General. They ordinarily contain minor amendments to various Acts of

Dress Politics in Kenyan Parliament: A Few Thoughts

ON 30TH AUGUST 2018, HONOURABLE SHAKEEL SHABBIR, the Member for Kisumu East Constituency, brought laughter to the National Assembly by donning what he called an Islamic hat from Mauritius. This is an excerpt from the Hansard of that day: Honourable (Ms.) Odhiambo-Mabona (Suba North, ODM): Thank you, Honourable Deputy Speaker

Five Common Mistakes Petitioners Make in their Petition to Parliament

A few weeks ago, I wrote in another forum that of all the tools that lie at the disposal of the Kenyan citizen, I think the most progressive is one that enables one to petition Parliament on any matter that falls within Parliament’s mandate. I wrote that the form of

The Law Making Process in Kenya in Plain English

Then when they have done this, they have another stage where they say, we move that the Ball Bill be read a Third Time. Funny, right? And then friends who love Tom would say, we love you Tom, we love your ball while Tom’s enemies would say, Tom, your ball