Audio- Chapter eight of the Constitution of Kenya (Legislature)

Image credit: Kenya Law   This is an audio recording of Chapter Eight of the Constitution of Kenya on the legislature. The text of the Constitution is freely available on the Kenya Law website. This chapter has six parts. Part 1 is on the establishment and role of Parliament. Part

Nine selected Bills before the Parliament of Canada

Below is a summary of nine selected Bills pending before the Parliament of Canada (either the Commons or Senate). The comprehensive list can be accessed from their website here. I noticed something interesting about how they name their Bills. They use numbers and the prefixes S or C stand for

What happens when Tom’s Ball is to be repaired in the Senate?

This part of Tom’s village in the upstream is called the Senate. If it happens that the making of Tom’s Ball concerns the upstream government, then the Ball would be sent to the Senate so that they too can have their equivalent of Tom’s mama chama members to say something