Podcasts: The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Report


Below are podcasts of all the chapters of the BBI (Building Bridges Initiative) Report.  The full report is available at BBI website.

The BBI Taskforce submitted to the President their report titled ‘Building Bridges to a United Kenya: From a Nation of Blood Ties to a Nation of Ideals’.

Through a Gazette Notice No. 5154 that established the Taskforce on Building Bridges to Unity Advisory, the Terms of Reference of the Taskforce were to:

  1. Evaluate the national challenges outlined in the Joint Communique of ‘Building Bridges to a New Kenyan Nation, and having done so, make practical recommendations and reform proposals that build lasting unity;
  2. Outline the policy, administrative reform proposals, and implementation modalities for each identified challenge area; and
  3. Conduct consultations with citizens, the faith based sector, cultural leaders, the private sector and experts at both the county and national levels.

The Taskforce report gives recommendations on key issues outlined as lack of national ethos, responsibilities and rights, ethnic antagonism and competition, divisive elections, inclusivity, shared prosperity, corruption, devolution, safety and security, and commissions and cross-cutting issues. The report also gives detailed recommendations in Annex 1 of the report.

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1. BBI Report-Executive summary-Podcast


9. BBI Report- Chapter 9- Devolution- Podcast


10. BBI Report- Chapter 10– Safety and Security-Podcasts


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