Book Review: Order! Order! A Parliamentary Miscellany by Robert Rogers

Reading this book gives you that sense: a weird fact of the House of Commons here, a beautiful quote there, an odd statistic here. It makes for a beautiful read of the House of Commons’ and House of Lords’ “unconnected odds and ends”— as the author describes it.   Robert

Legislative Responses to COVID-19: The UK Parliament

In response to COVID-19, the UK Parliament is currently considering two bills. They are the Coronavirus Bill and the Contingencies Fund Bill. The Coronavirus Bill As of March 24, the Bill had passed in the House of Commons and was being debated in the House of Lords. According to the

Seven Selected Bills before the UK Parliament (2017-2018)

  The Bills before the UK Parliament (either Commons or Lords) 2017-2019 are comprehensively listed on UK Parliament’s website. The list below is a select few that caught our attention. #1 Certificate of Loss Bill The Bill seeks to make provision for a certificate to be issued to mothers in