Istilahi za Bunge (5/100)

Budget estimates- Makadirio ya mapato Financial Action Task Force- Mpango Kazi wa Kikosi Kazi cha Kifedha cha Kimataifa Money laundering- Utakasishaji Fedha Haramu Terrorism financing- Ufadhili wa Ugaidi Proliferation financing- Ufadhili wa silaha za maangamizi Ruzuku- Subsidy Extension services- Huduma za ugani Dipping trough- Josho ICT- TEHAMA Climate change- Tabia

Bill Digest: The Insurance (Amendment) Bill, 2023

About the Bill The Insurance (Amendment) Bill, 2023 (National Assembly Bills No. 18 of 2023), sponsored by the National Assembly Leader of Majority Party, was published on 12th May, 2023. It was read for a first time on 25th July, 2023 and was then committed to the National Assembly’s Departmental

Humour from Kenya’s Parliament (1/100)

The Assistant Minister for Transport and Communications (Mr. Sankori): Mr. Speaker, Sir, I withdraw the word “thief” and replace it with the word “cheater”. I can prove that he is a “cheater”. (Loud consultations) Mr. Speaker: Order! Order! Mr. Sankori, once you are ordered to obey the Chair, you do

Istilahi za Bunge (3/100)

Financial year- mwaka wa fedha Revenue- maduhuli Imprest- masurufu Expand tax bracket- kutanua wigo wa kodi Customs tax- Kodi ya forodha Domestic taxes- Kodi za ndani State corporations- Mashirika ya Umma National income- Pato la taifa Income Tax Act- Sheria ya Kodi ya Mapato Value Added Tax Act- Sheria ya

Legislative Proposal Digest: The Proposed Public Audit (Amendment) Bill by Hon. John Waluke

Hon. John Waluke Koyi, Member of Parliament for Sirisia Constituency, has sponsored a legislative proposal- The Proposed Public Audit (Amendment) Bill, 2023– which is under consideration by Kenya National Assembly’s Departmental Committee on Finance and National Planning. The legislative proposal seeks to amend the Public Audit, 2015 to provide for

Book Review: Order! Order! A Parliamentary Miscellany by Robert Rogers

Reading this book gives you that sense: a weird fact of the House of Commons here, a beautiful quote there, an odd statistic here. It makes for a beautiful read of the House of Commons’ and House of Lords’ “unconnected odds and ends”— as the author describes it.   Robert

Bill Digest: The Sacco Societies (Amendment) Bill, 2021

About the Bill The Sacco Societies (Amendment) Bill, 2021 (National Assembly Bills No. 55 of 2021) is a Bill sponsored by the Leader of Majority Party. The Bill seeks to amend the Sacco Societies Act (No. 14 of 2008) by providing for the usage of ICT in collecting and receiving

Legislative Responses to COVID-19: New Zealand Parliament

In response to COVID-19, the New Zealand Parliament enacted the COVID-19 Response (Urgent Management Measures) Legislation Act 2020 on March 25. The legislation was assented to on the same day. The COVID-19 Response (Urgent Management Measures) Legislation Bill 2020 (at it was then) was a Government Bill sponsored by Hon.